About Mini Miners

Our Philosophy 

  • We value learning through play and movement. Our children will be able to move freely, and this is valued contribution to their learning.
  • Relationships will be at the forefront of what we value ensuring everyone is involved for all children and made to feel a part of the centre.
  • We will create a home away from home for all our young miners, supporting links between home and centre and respectful of all children’s and family’s needs.
  • We understand our children are emotional learners and we will support their emotional journeys as they move towards being ready for school.
  • We support building resilience and building capable learners who develop a positive attitude towards giving it a go.

A Typical Day At Mini Miners

7.30: Our centre will open, and we welcome all arriving families.

You will be greeted by familiar teachers with a smile and you and your child made to feel welcome.

Breakfast options will be available until 8.30, we will do range of toast or you may bring your own cereals in.

The morning programme will be child led with minimal disruption to their play, supporting children to be engaged in sustained play. Children are encouraged to move freely from inside and outside as they please.

Around 9.30: We will ring the bell and come together for morning tea, where teachers are encouraged to sit and be with our children at the tables.

Our younger miners will eat when they need too and with the support of their familiar teachers, in the baby seats or on a teacher’s knee.

All meal times will be unrushed, and children are encouraged to make good choices.

The morning will continue to until 11.15 when the bell goes, and we will have shared tidy up time of our centre.

11.30: There will be a mat time where all children are invited to be involved, with our older children encouraged to be involved for a little longer.

Around 11.45: We will come together to eat lunch.

12.00: Our tired miners will be supported to go for there sleep or rested time, where a staff member will always be near these children. While our older children may get back in to their play, the afternoon would be set up to support child directed learning.

2.30: We will ring our bell again and have a small tidy up of our centre and a small mat time. This mat time will be engaging, short and fun to help us though the afternoon and a regroup as from here we will go to afternoon tea.

Our day will quieten down after 3.30 but the fun will continue until 5.30pm when Mini Miners closes for another day.

Our Very Young Miners

You and your child will be supported to feel welcomed and we will aspire to keep to the routine you have at home. You are still their best advocate and know them well so we will be led by you when making daily routines for your little one.

Routines will be calm and unrushed, and we value these magical interactions. We will strive towards creating primary carers for our children and cater our day to support your child’s natural relationships with our wonderful teaching team. We will ensure you a well-informed through several informal and formal avenues about how there day has been.